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The Greatest Story Ever Worn

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2023 marks the 150th anniversary of Levi’s® 501® jeans, one of the most enduring icons of global style and the original template from which all other jeans have descended. The 501® Original has been worn by millions of changemakers, risk takers, experimenters, thinkers, icons and creatives over the course of its brilliant 150 year history.
To commemorate the countless stories of fans in their 501® jeans, Levi’s® launches The Greatest Story Ever Worn campaign, a year-long celebration, with the release of three short films, directed by Martin de Thurah and Melina Matsoukas, that explore original stories from around the world celebrating the 501® jeans’ incredible past and its role in countless historical, cultural and personal moments.

The first historically based film, Precious Cargo, shares the story of how 501® jeans made their way to Kingston, Jamaica in the 1970’s and how Jamaica turned and made them uniquely their own. The film is a celebratory exploration of an island that’s distinct style, rhythm and soul has reverberated across the globe.

The second film, Fair Exchange, tells the story of a beloved family bellcow and the son who swapped the beast for a pair of 501® Jeans, much to his family's dismay. The film explores 501® jeans as a beacon for something bigger, a dream.

The third film, Legends Never Die, tells the true story of one devoted Levi’s® wearer who requested to be buried in his 501® jeans. This specific fan asked all funeral attendees to wear their 501® jeans too. The film is a beautiful reflection on the type of collective love that would inspire a group of people to show up in denim for a beloved family member and friend. It is a celebration of humanity and the inextricable connection between a man who truly lived in his Levi’s® 501® jeans.

Explore more stories and stay tuned for the next chapter as we celebrate #150YearsOf501.
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