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Shopping in Milan with K. (part 3)

It was getting late and we still had many shops to see, so we really hastened to maybe my favourite shop in town, be it because it’s right behind my place so I often happen to go past its windows, be it because it really sells unconventional clothes. At no. 14 Via Santa Marta, Wait and See ( is the place to drop by if you need a catch of fresh air. As its owner, Uberta Zambeletti, it sports an always unexpected selection of outstanding, colourful and yet feminine and self ironic pieces of clothes.

Unusual cuts, very unusual materials and kind of a cheerful, out of the box attitude, I strongly recommend Wait and See to any self confident, witty woman who has a soft spot for one of a kind outfits. The only turnish is that nothing comes for free, so to speak. 

After spending a sound hour at wait and see we only had time enough for another shop before they closed, so we definitely headed straight for Farfalle at 12, Via Varese. My beloved friend Glenna Tosi is what I would call an outsmarting person. And she buys for her shop with a considerable cunning. Farfalle is the shop where you can find either things that can actually upgrade an otherwise dull outfit (for instance I have a woven leather belt very much alike Bottega Veneta that I hardly paid 200€) or those things that – once you get them – you can’t go back to live without such as the Forte dei Marmi’s hand made soft suede boots. And then beautiful knitwear and evening dresses, sporty flattering corduroy trousers and jeans and everything comes at a more than reasonable price. And if you drop by at the aperitifs time you may even happen to be offered a flûte of prosecco. 

Once we got out from Glenna’s, most of the shops were already closed, but – what’s more – we were literally worn out and loaded down with shopping bags so we definitely had to call it a day. And yet we only had reached half of our budget. Being a very-down-to-hearth person Katia said she had had enough… But they’re not leaving until next Sunday … 😏

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