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London’s Magic: #1 – things to do right now with your kid you will definitely enjoy too

November 13, 2016 

Now, really, life can be amazing if you’re an Oligarch or some billionaire or even just a 6yo kid at loose in London with an indulgent mum and a loving and – above all – shopoholic granny. 
These are the Almighty C.’s (and my) favourites in London. 

In this particular period you can have a great time together with the kid right off Brompton. Surrounded by trees literally loaded with fairy lights and dominated by its huge Christmas tree, the Natural History Museum’s ice rink offers the most dreamy Christmas atmosphere ever. The main area is 1,000 metres square, and adjoins a smaller rink for children needed a gentler space to practice in. Shouldn’t it be enough a few meters away there’s the most iconic marry go round you can imagine. For as much as 3 quid a ride is nothing I would call cheap, but it is definitely magical (you can pretend the kid wants you to ride with them and have a go yourself). No need to say that – with all its wonders – the Natural History Museum itself is worth a visit (
 I don’t know what about your children, I’m always very envious when I bump into those lovely families visiting exhibitions with their super composed and silent 5, 6, 7 year olds in tow. When let loose in a museum the Almighty C. is kind of hellish (at the Tate Modern he succeeded in escaping my surveillance and causing a huge guardian to chase him from the fourth floor all the way down to the Turbine 🙄). In this very moment the V&A, in partnership with Levi’s, proposes an amazing exhibition that is “brat friendly”: “You Say You Want a Revolution? Records and Rebels 1966-1970″ ( People goes around dancing and singing the music that is the exhibition’s soundtrack, so no problem with giggling and laughing, there’s also a dark room with huge pillows on the floor for you to rest and watch the Woodstock’s original videos. The kid spent half an hour sprawling on a cushion on the floor raptured by the music of Joan Baez, Santana, Janis Joplin, The Greatful Dead… loved it.

Finally you certainly don’t need me to remind you that Harrod’s is just a few meters away. The toy department at Harrod’s was absolute bliss to me. The point is that they actually let you play with the toys on display. The Almighty C. and I tried almost every single toy in the shop. Pity they don’t allow you to play also with the toys at the spy shop on the third floor, otherwise I would have fancied a ride on their 55k quid motorcycle!

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